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Technical Assistance

PILON Expert Exchange/Secondment Program

The PILON Expert Exchange/Secondment Program seeks to strengthen law and justice outcomes in the Pacific through the secondment of litigators, drafters or advisors between PILON member countries for two to three months at a time to complete a discrete law and justice project.

If you are a PILON member country and have a project in mind, please forward a proposal to the PILON Secretariat. The Secretariat will circulate nominations approved by the PILON Executive Committee to member countries to advertise in their agencies to identify a suitable candidate.

Once the receiving country has decided on a suitable candidate from the sending country, both parties and the PILON Secretariat will formalise an agreement noting:

(a)  the objectives, duration and measurable outcomes of the secondment

(b)  the sending country's agreement to continue to pay the wages of the seconded officer

(c)  the receiving country's agreement to pay any accommodation and allowance costs of the seconded officer, and

(d)  the PILON Secretariat's agreement to cover transport and visa costs to and from the receiving country for the seconded officer.

On completion, the receiving country and the seconded officer will provide an outcomes report to the PILON Executive Committee for tabling at the PILON Annual Meeting.


PILON Technical Legal Assistance Database

At its 29th Annual Meeting, PILON tasked the PILON Secretariat with compiling a database for PILON members with technical legal assistance programs and initiatives available to PILON member countries, and contact details of technical legal assistance providers.

The PILON Technical Legal Assistance Database is divided into technical assistance in specific sectors or areas of law. Within these sectors, where possible, the type of assistance available is categorised as either: Legislative Assistance, Workshops/Training, or Exchange or Mentoring Opportunities.


Country specific projects

A List of Country Specific Projects in PILON member countries provides an additional ‘arm’ to the technical legal assistance database. The list includes projects underway, and those completed.

Projects are categorised as either: Legislative Assistance, Workshops /Training, or Exchange or Mentoring Opportunities.


Model legislation and legislative resources

The PILON Secretariat has compiled a List of Model Legislation and Legislative Resources. The list is divided into two categories, namely, model legislation and legislative resources:

(a)   developed specifically for the Pacific; or

(b)   developed as a general resource.

The PILON Secretariat has a copy of most of the items in the list. Otherwise, copies may be located from the relevant organisation’s website.