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Strategic Plan

The PILON Strategic Plan provides a framework for PILON’s development and activities for 2013 and 2014. The Strategic Plan was endorsed by Members at the 2012 Annual Meeting, and commenced in January 2013.

The Plan is available here: [PDF 1.09MB]

PILON Legal Policy Agenda

A core component of the Strategic Plan is its definition of PILON’s legal policy agenda.  Three issues are identified as agreed priority legal issues for PILON over the Strategic Plan period. Details regarding the background to and purpose of defining PILON’s legal policy agenda, as well as the identified dimensions of each priority legal issue, are set out in Section 3 of the Plan.

The three priority issues agreed to by Members and forming PILON’s legal policy agenda are:  Corruption and Proceeds of Crime; Sexual and Gender Based Violence; and Illegal fishing.

One of the strategies proposed for PILON to pursue the legal policy agenda under the Strategic Plan is to enhance coordination and cooperation in relation to the priority issues.  The Plan identifies dedicated information sharing between members as a means of facilitating enhanced coordination and cooperation.  As part of this, the PILON Secretariat is tasked under the Strategic Plan with compiling resources on the PILON website in relation to each priority issue.

A webpage of relevant resources, news and updates is therefore maintained on this website and available through the above ‘Strategic Plan’ drop down menu, or using the following links:

  • Sexual and Gender Based Violence [here]
  • Corruption & Proceeds of Crime [here]
  • Illegal Fishing [here]

2015 Update - Strategic Plan

The existing Plan is currently being reviewed and a new Strategic Plan will be endorsed at the 34th Annual Meeting in Honiara, Solomon Islands.
The Secretariat welcomes contribution of resources or content suggestions for any of the Strategic Plan priority issue webpages.